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Daughter‘s story: family saved from Covid-19 virus with vitamin C in Wuhan
Published 4 years ago
I am a physician with active medical practices in US and China. When I heard the following story from a third party, I went a long way to confirm the story before I published it, by tracking down the person and interviewed her. As a trained physician and scientist, I have done my due diligence. This story received 300k views in a short 7 days, but Youtube removed it. I was outraged by Youtube‘s selective suppression of information. At this moment of global crisis, we all need to work together to fight Covid-19 pandemic. Vit C is the one of the very few agents that can actively kill viruses via hydrogen peroxide production and immune boosting. VC is a powerful antioxidant and hence can reduce the lethal pathology of this virus (acute respiratory distress syndrome, ARDS). VC also improves blood microcirculation which is also part of the final lethal pathway. VC is also cheap, and safe. If someone takes VC for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19 infection, the worst case scenario is no effect and a very small amount of money spent. No harm done to people. Why would Youtube went out their way to block information like this that can potentially save lives and do no harm to people? Is this Youtube’s negligence or part of a bigger plan?

This is my telephone interview of a lady, Ms. N, living in Wuhan, with 5 other members of the family.. Her mother got Covid-19 virus and was admitted to the ICU. Ms. N and other 2 members of the family took care of her mother. The other 5 members had close contact with the patient, but they all took high dose of Vit C. None of them got the virus. Her mother, a 71 years old lady with diabetes and coronary heart disease, also received high dose Vit C IV and significantly improved and was discharged out of the ICU to a regular ward.
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