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Traveling Truth Tour
Published 8 months ago |
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Travelling Truth Tour Dallas Hills and many others concerned the Direction the Country has been going in since the 1980 started doing some research for over 30 plus years - Collecting information from many historians have complied a data base of very important information
The Purpose of the Travelling Truth is to bringing some important information you , your family and friends may be interested in Listening , watching videos and may be interested in having the team visit your local area to educate more people on a Solution
Attached in the comments are some information you may very informative
Our solution is are educating and uniting on a solution to end the Lies and corruption - Thank you all for being part of the Creation of our FIRST Constitution - removing the shackles of the BNA ACT and the Indian ACT

We also ask for our important research and to Please Support the Travelling Truth Tour - So they may continue their work, research, Thank You - donations may be e-transferred to - our direct line is 403 -437 -1718
Also we be please to visit your locations to put on a presentation. Please contact us to setup a community event to have a live presentation - on constitutional committees - constitutional convention - and a Constitution - We look forward to meeting many more Native Brothers and Sister

We have moved to Brighteon As this Site offers Free Speech - Please Join and share this out
- Why we are Creating a True Constitution - Learn more about this amazing Document - here


Travelling Truth Tour - The Myth is Canada - Native Sons and Daughter Unite to save their Countries

As we explained the Native Sons and Daughters united together we are Sovereign and to create an amazing Constitution together to remove the corrupt BNA Act and Indian Act so all may live in peace, prosperity for future generations - and the steps to do this are constitutional committees, constitutional conventions, then to create a Republic Constitution
We feel after you do your research you will find a Republic Constitution is the most powerful Constitution to protect the People

This is Video explains the typed of Governments

We are on Youtube
Travelling Truth Tour - The Myth is Canada
Constitutional Convention
Travelling Truth Tour - The Myth is Canada - this is a brief description what this page is designed for and our Goals
Constitutional Conventions Core beliefs:
De Jure Constitutional Conventions -

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