Quercetin & Zinc for Virus Prevention
1831 views • 10/26/2020
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Fact Sheet for Health Professionals

Bioavailable Zinc Supplements

Use Zinc Oxide as Sunblock on your nose.

More information on dosage

Zinc for general health

Vegetarians sometimes require as much as 50% more of the RDA for zinc than non-vegetarians…

35%–45% of adults aged 60 years or older

Journal of the American Medical Association

Medical News Today

Japan - low Zinc levels

Spain - low zinc levels

Plos Pathogens

Diabetes & Obesity

diabetes and obesity may be factors in irregular immune system function

10X the World Health Organization maxiumum recommendation

Quercetin originally called Vitamin P

Quercetin inhibits viral infection

Dr Blaylock on heart health - 20015

Flavonoids for inflammation 2016

A Bioactive Flavonoid

Quercetin inhibits influenza - 2015

Quercetin as an antiviral agent

Quercetin alleviates viral inflammation

Dr Mercola - Quercetin and SARS coronavirus.;cid_medium=email&cid_content=art2HL&cid=20200903Z1&mid=DM641352&rid=955652972

Dr Mercola on improving Zinc uptake

Zinc ionophore activity of Quercetin

Dr Seheult explains the action of a Zinc ionophore

Dr Seheult on high viral loads

Dr Teryn B Clarke, Frontline Doctor

Dr Zelenko interviewed by Dr Drew

Dr Zelenko prophylaxis protocol

Open-source investigation of Quercetin

First-person accounts of Quercetin/Zinc results
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