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The Question All Modern Physicists Cower From Because They Lie
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David Jeffrey Spetch
Published 3 days ago |
4 minute 9 second video of fact debunking top physicists rhetoric on the foundation of the largest primary issue involving everything that exists. Piece of cake.

Also: Scientific facts do not exist

The harnessing of electricity was a science until harnessing electricity became a successful formula thus a fact we harnessed electricity thus no longer a science but a fact. From there what to do with the electricity developed successful formulas which became fact such as the light bulb, radio, television was no longer a science because it became fact. Each new design for each new tv, radio or light bulb for example became fact through a successful formula. You want to create a new television, the science is making a successful formula and once the formula is successful, it is no longer a science but a fact that from that point that the tv exists.

It is either a fact or a science of which science is a process that determines recognition of fact. Once verified or falsified as fact, it's no longer a science.

(Video created July 6 2018)

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