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DEMS SCRAMBLE: Pelosi Announces Impeachment Enquiry Despite Trump Releasing Transcript - 1635-6P
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Published 8 months ago |
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Pelosi To Announce Formal Impeachment Enquiry Despite Trump Release Of Ukraine Transcript

Democrats are scrambling as it seems President Trump's decision to release the transcript has spoiled their narrative. Chuck Schumer appears to have let slip what Democrats' next play will be as he demanded that the Whistleblower's complaint still be released (which inevitably is a partisan document), claiming that the Trump call transcript "is insufficient." That would appear to be an entirely defenseless position to take (as the source did not actually hear the complaint or read the transcript), but they have to keep the suspicion alive. Additionally, Rep. Adam Schiff says the whistleblower wants to speak to his House Intel committee, and testimony may happen this week.

E-Militia Article: DEMS SCRAMBLE: Pelosi Announces Impeachment Enquiry Despite Trump Releasing Transcript

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