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Why Bolivia has almost ZERO cases of Covid 19
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The Hidden Truth
Published 5 months ago |
Andreas Kalcker is now the Biophysisyst responsible for the huge adoption globally of Chlorine Dioxide to comabat cure all infections including Covid 19, HIV, and Malaria. In this video he explains how Bolivia has passed laws to expressly administer (against World Health Organisation advise) Chlorine Dioxide to cure thier cases of Covid 19 infections. They did this after becoming overwhelmed with cases and with no alternative cures available despite huge pressure from outside agencies and Pharmaseutical companies. He explain how it works in the body and also how no one has died as a result of this use case and how to make it.
Over the 15 years since launching Chlorine Dioxide, there are now over 1 million users!
After its discovery in 2012 as a "medicine" by Jim Humble, the huge numbers of testimonials the scientific research freely available (email me) as well as recent adoption by the Bolivian government, it is only a question of time before people like you reading this, try it and spread the word to threaten the dominance of Big Pharma over our lives and health management.
To better understand the benefits of Chlorine Dioxide take a look at my channel. Type in “thehiddentruth” this will bring up all my uploaded videos
Also watch the video called “Quantum leap” on the platform (not on my own channel) which tells the story of Chlorine Dioxide. It also has some wonderful testimonials of a range of people who were able to cure life threatening diseases that mainstream medical care failed to do.
For details on where to buy the correct product go here for the USA
FOR THE UK GO HERE IN THE UK it is strictly clamped down IN THE uk and you need to phone… Ellen at PH Health. Call or text the PH team on 07547 157 681
Not sure about other areas, so do the searches but avoid amazon and ebay products as they may not be genuine and could be pre made and have lost the potency.

For rapid pain relief from any number of problems including eyes, ears, joints, corns, back, neck etc etc add the product called DMSO as well.

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