NDE, Simulacra and a Program to Keep you in an artificial Reality: Angels are Trapped in this Matrix
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Website of Lauda Leon:

Channel of Lauda Leon:

Quote: "Lauda Leon's focus is aiding the process of our Spiritual Integration, examining the complex dynamics of psychology, emotions, mind, body and Spirit toward increased comprehension of our current paradigm, upon all its levels and layers. Lauda is an experiencer of many forms of anomalous operations and interference, having entered as an incarnate with pre-birth Consciousness memories, including 'future' time lines and advance knowledge of events to come. She has lived 'in between worlds', with comprehensions of the nature of this 'cosmic battle', piercing through the veil of our worldly paradigm. As a result of such experiences she has accessed Keys relating to the 'game’ being played within this reality and applies those Keys toward further Unveiling unto personal Sovereignty upon these 'metaphysical' quantum levels and layers in perpetual Unfolding."

FURTHER INFORMATION:"Moksha from Earth" about the lighttrap:

"Archons rule Earth" about the 7 planetary rulers:

"Dark Side of Jesus" about John, the true Christos:


"The Matrix Revealed. Book 2. The Eye of Ra"

"The Matrix Revealed. Book 1. The Programming Of A Planet"

Watch: "Jesus was a Usurper",-John-the-Baptist-was-the-True-Christ.-The-Johannite-Tradition.:9

Watch: "The Templar Revelation"

!!! MUST WATCH - Psychic project on "Freedom from Soul-Loosh Harvesting"!!!

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