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Destiny2 Exodus Evacuation Event Quest Video - MYSTORY Nr25
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Published 8 months ago |
Destiny2 Exodus Evacuation Event Quest Video - MYSTORY Nr25
New Heroic Exotic Quest Evacuation Event Update

Hello World, Hello Viewers!
Destiny2 got another new update with the new evacuation event quest.
This epic heroic new Destiny2 gameplay video should be nice.
#evacuationquest, #exoduseventupdate, #travellerschosen, #exoticquest
#epicdestiny2, #newexodusquest, #freemultiplayergame
#exodusevacuation, #gamingvideo

_______________ Destiny2 Exodus Evacuation Event Quest _______________
With new resets and updates there comes content like quests


Hello World!
Season Of The Arrivals is coming with more Darkness and I am ready for the epic Exodus Evacuation quest that starts on some of our worlds.
If you still show signs of life I hope you can like and comment on all of my videos because this exotic quest is great.


In my last video and blog post in which I covered the Fortnite Nexus War I played an update for the game and in this one I am also covering a brand new epic update which continues to tell the story of Destiny for the Season Of The Arrivals.
We Guardians are continuing our journey to evacuate the worlds that where infested with the Pyramid Ships of the Darkness.


This new Exodus exotic quest update gives us the next chapter in the Exodus story of Destiny2.
Join us in this free online MMOFPS action adventure game if you want and show if you are a Traveller’s Chosen.


The next new story continues and I am curious for the new Europa update.
Whenever there is new content in Destiny2 I make a video because I like new content updates and quests and stuff.


This epic video and blog post covers my basically exclusive gameplay video of the new exotic Exodus quest event update.
My gameplay is exclusive because I say it.
Prepare for the arrivals and the new subclasses in the game with amazing new abilities to cover.
All abilities in Destiny2 must be great to fight the coming Darkness with their sinister Pyramid shaped transportation devices.


I must admit that the Darkness has a very stylish way of travelling through the universe.
It might do this to destroy everyone but that’s fine…
…or not.
Yours Sincerely,

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