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Ryan Grim | Massive UK Study Finds SHOCKING Vaccine Result
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The study this video is referencing I have not read yet, but I am interested to see what it says with my own eyes.

While you watch the video, when they say unvaccinated think vaxxed, and when they say vaccinated think unvaxxed. And you will be much closer to the truth.

-They report that over 700 people under the age of 45 are dying per day due to not Covid-19, but not being vaccinated.
--Being unvaxxed is killer!

-The translation is the vaccine is killing over 700 people daily who are 45 years of age and younger.
--We can assume many more added to that if you add 45 and up. All of which are not dying from being unvaccinated but from being vaccinated.

Covid-19 is out the door and it's not being used as the fear porn anymore, the unvaccinated are the virus now. This confirms over and over again with the way they are wording everything. Pay close attention.

-They say that the elderly are dying earlier, and what was their reason? Vaccines, not Covid-19. They subtly admit it.
"The age at which people are dying is falling, as the elderly have gotten vaccinated at much higher rates."

-They are mixing unvaccinated with covid cases and covid deaths. Accusing unvaccinated as the virus and not covid-19.
This is very dangerous propaganda because it creates conflict and fear of those who are unvaccinated.
People who fall prey to propaganda are at risk of behaving in ways they never would have if they were not propagandised.
They also are prey of acting in ways that are not rational as not being propagandised.
The constant battering ram of fear has changed their thinking of reality. They are trained into a panicky and paranoid state, they are suspicious and critical of anything and everything. Everything is tied back to the propaganda, they cannot break free and look outside of it.

What is being done is psychological warfare performed on every country in the world. Covid-19 is psychological warfare and its re-enforcements are practically Incomprehensible. it is nearly impossible for people to actually grasp and to believe how immense this agenda and plan is. They cant fathom how powerful it is, but just look at the censorship and banning of anyone speaking contrary to the narrative. They dont exist anymore, not digitally to the propagandised. They are completely shelled by the propaganda. by the media, government, big tech, their job, doctors, schools & universities, practically everything without rest.

It's going to make millions looney, reality is going to unravel with the amount of insanity.

So its wise to buckle yourself in and figure out who you are, your principles, priorities, beliefs, faith because this is going to be a tsunami of insanity that is going to sweep all those who are not firmly grounded.

They who are easily manipulated are going to be turned into zombie-like people.
I know this sounds science fiction but the government has documents about combat strategies for zombie hordes and so does the CDC...and Zombie cells?
You can say oh that's just them having fun and it's just drills or whatever else. But will you look at the connections?

When you realize they use word replacements for the things they are discussing.
That this is all a word game, its psychological, it's all being done using words.
The media is reporting two seperate messages simultaneously, propaganda to the masses and actual reporting to those who understand the key, the map, the word associations.
The word swap like I demonstrated in the example above.

Dr. Dave Janda worked under the Reagan Administration and he made a confession on the sgtReport talking about this very thing. That the media is suppose to report black, if the truth is actually white. Its 180 opposite of the truth when you watch the news.

Edward Casie, the CIA director in the 1980's has a famous quote out their, our task will be complete when everything the American people believe is false. The reported vaccinated are the unvaccinated and visa versa.

This is how you watch the news to find out a semblance of truth while at the same time not surrendering your mind to propaganda. If your not critically thinking when Watching the news, you fall quickly into a highly suggestible state. Alpha Beta Delta are names of what?

Not diseases.

Your 5 Brainwaves: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma | Lucid
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The five Frequency brain waves are: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta and Gamma. Throughout the day your brain will process certain situations...

What else is:

Alpha and beta are two of the key measurements used to evaluate the performance of a stock, a fund, or an investment portfolio.

When looking up "Alpha Delta" you come up with RF communications, RF like 5G?

I have given you the key, a tool to decipher and find truth and its Priceless.

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