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GUIDESTONES "blow up" ConCERNs Plus Comirnaty Vax PlSSES off This Veteran
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Ba'al Busters
Published 8 months ago |

They Wiped out my whole description! What's with this site? We didn't win anything. The guidestones being destroyed was NOT a victory. We are not Freer than the day before. I wrote this better before they deleted it! We are still in the same position as before because most of us have still NOT chosen freedom.  It's a choice to live free and most haven't made it. They still pay taxes to an invalid, unconstitutional entity.  When you do that, you Participate in EVIL and are an accomplice.  That money funds child kidnapping by CPS and DCS, see Adoption and Safe Families Act 1997. It funds militaries to wipe you out, police to abuse you, and things like the UN controlled BATF to disarm and murder you on American soil.  We are not closer to freedom. You know how I know? Because we have yet to stand up, and take individual action to be free. Other people don't make you free. It begins with you, and a choice.

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