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Bitcoin Sentiment Analysis: #Bitcoin Google Trends & Institutional #Crypto Investors
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Published 2 years ago |
“The toughest challenge I’ve faced in my time in crypto is the perception of what it means to “be in crypto”. I don’t do technical analysis, I’m not a miner or developer & I don’t want to read every whitepaper. I look at the crypto community as a catalyst for growth and adoption of technology. My primary focus is the way the community has been portrayed and perceived from the outside, via social spaces and media. This type of research is new to our community, as anecdotal evidence of cryptocurrency is just beginning to hit the mainstream. New people will enter the space, things will change & we won’t all be mathematicians. Diversification of skill sets matters, especially when looking at something so vast as global adoption.” - Rachel Siegel (CryptoFinally), Cointelegraph Magazine

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