Support Your Freedom to Speak:
Loudoun School Rape Exposed
Published 3 months ago

Across America, the Left is waging a silent war against our children. WE MUST TAKE ACTION TO STOP "GENDER CORRUPTION THEORY" (GCT)

You see, Left-wing School Boards in every corner of the country are ordering all teachers and staff to "encourage" all children to embrace the transgender agenda. What this really means is that the public schools are going to officially manipulate, browbeat and coerce children into believing they are the wrong gender. It means that the school will facilitate procuring "transition" treatments for these young children, including medical mutilation, destructive hormone "therapy," and worse. If any student shows the slightest weakness, teachers and staff are being ordered to pounce on them and insist they must be "transgender." Classroom materials are teaching these young children that gender is made up -- that it's normal and healthy to think you are in the wrong body. In this silent war being waged on our kids, the Left insists on changing children's names and pronouns in secret -- and hiding it from parents. 🚨 That's why I'm asking you to SIGN YOUR PETITION RIGHT NOW, to stop the radical Left's Transgender Agenda in our public schools!

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