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Vaccine Short Film | The Black Parade *
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Published 4 months ago |

Educational, Entertainment, and Deep, Strange & Stunning 'Coincidences'
Vaccine Induced Paralysis and Neurological Damage to start. Lots of bombshells compiled into one film of its own kind.


👤 Dr. Robert W. Malone MD
ℹ️ What's it going to take to make people awake?

👤 Dr. John Bergman DC
ℹ️ DDT, Polio, Synthetic Viruses, DRUGS, GMO, Nutrition

👤Dr. Judy Micovitz MD
ℹ️ Vaccines are BioWeapons, Vaccine Injury, GMO, Food

👤 Del Bigtree
ℹ️ Studies | Vaxxed VS. Unvaxxed. Who is Healthier?

👤 Owen Shroyer
ℹ️ Covid Clown Cost, Vaxxed Blame Unvaxxed

👤 Harrison Smith
ℹ️ Headlines |Vaccine Injury

👤 Jon Browne
ℹ️ Immunity | Natural, Legal Prosecution, Liability

👤 Greg Reese
ℹ️ Gov Secrets | Experimenting on citizens

👤 Steve Kirsch
ℹ️ Data | Vaccines kill more than they save.

👤 David Icke
ℹ️ Perception | What Authority Do You Have That I Don't?


My Chemical Romance
• Welcome To The Black Parade
• Sing

Au5 (?)
• Superhuman

• Rock 'n Roll
• All is Fair In Love And Brostep
• First of the Year (Equinox)
• Try It Out
• Dirty Vibe
• Ragga Bomb (Zomboy Remix)
• Scatta
• Kill Everybody (Bare Noize Remix)

Artem Zlobin (?)
• Girl, You Got Skrillex Hair (Remix)

Pretty Lights
• More Important Than Michael Jordan
• Take the Sun Away

The Vandals (Hitler Bad, Vandals Good)
• F'd Up Girl
• Idea For A Movie
• OK
• So Long, Farewell (The Coo Coo Bird Song)


☠️ Learning from mistakes: "DDT is good for me-e-e!"
↘️ (^Don't have the brain cells to know different ^)

☠️ DDT poisoning and elusive virus X; a new cause for gastro-Enteritis
↘️ (> Gut-to-Brain Connection Surveillance needed to keep secrets silent They know very well it's the vaccines, plz continue That Sounds like Giving Up? They eradicated polio...accidentally, now they create it
Synthetically from public DNA, its 2x more deadly They took him because conspiracies are untrue Half of Links. 5k Character Limit

The Black Parade is when all the people of the world come together in unity to grieve the loss of all our loved ones together, it's the biggest funeral in all of history. it's also a celebration of survival and life.

(Subtitles of Owen and Harris are fabricated, I was being silly)

* Re-Released

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