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What is CERN and what are they doing? With Clay Clark
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Published 2 years ago

What Do the Scientists at CERN Claim to Be Trying to Achieve? 

CERN Located Border of France & Switzerland. On Top of the Former Temple of Apollyon Where Apollyon Was Worshiped? Rev 9:11 Watch - 

See Revelation 9:11

Why is the World Eco Forum discussing the Anthropocene? Anthro = Humans CENE = Controlled Gene

Why Are there Plans Being to Save the World’s Seeds in Case Plant Life Is Wiped Out by the Anthropocene? Anthropocene: The Age of Mankind Documentary - 2017

Why Is the CERN Hadron Collider Attempting to Recreate the Big Bang? -  

Stephen Hawking: 

CERN named after Cernunnos? In Gallo-Roman religion, Cernunnos was a deity depicted with antlers, seated cross-legged, associated with stags, horned serpents, dogs, bulls, & rats.

CERN Opening Celebration: 

CERN to Re-Create the “Big Bang?” 

Watch the Yuval Noah Harari - 2017 Humans, Gods and Technology Documentary

Located Outside of CERN & in the Boardroom of WHO is the statue of Shiva, a deity of Hinduism.  who is known as Destroyer" 

Internet created by CERN in 1989 - CERN named it the World Wide Web (Hebrew W = 6) 666.  The World Wide Web Was Created for automated information-sharing between scientists.,and%20institutes%20around%20the%20world.  

Why Did CERN Have a Human Sacrifice Controversy? - WATCH - 

CERN’s Opening Ceremony Satanic Ritual? 

CERN to open portal for “...a visit from a race of carnivorous dinosaur-men, superhuman clone hive-legions of some evil...dark nega-deities imprisoned for aeons & hungering to feast upon human souls,..." 

CERN Portals?

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