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⚠️What’s really in the $61 Billion Funding Bill for Ukraine? | X Twitter Spaces
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Published 10 days ago

What’s really in the $61 Billion Funding Bill for Ukraine? We’ll discuss with Senator J.D. Vance, Sen Mike Lee, Sen Ron Johnson along with Vivek Ramaswamy, Elon Musk and others.

NEW: David Sacks and Senator Mike Lee discuss Ukrainian corruption and the Senate refusing to audit the more than $100 billion that has already been sent to Ukraine.


: "Does this bill address the issue of corruption in Ukraine?"


: "There is not, to my knowledge, anything in this bill that adequately deals with the issue of corruption."


: "I would point everyone to the Time Magazine article on Zelensky... One Ukrainian official turned off the tape recorder and whispered to the Times reporter, people are stealing like there's no tomorrow."


: "The truth is this thing still has about $8 billion going directly to the government of Ukraine. These are not choir boys or Boy Scouts. These are people who have really set world records for corruption. It's an art form over there."


: "We've also just recently learned that there were a couple dozen officials in the Ukrainian Defense Department who are now being prosecuted for absconding defense funds to their personal accounts. There's also been a case of billions of dollars of weapons coming from the United States that can't be accounted for, presumably sold on the black market."


: "This turns a blind eye to that."


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