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Test the people that are around you, for their dependency now, not later. Ask for a simple favor.
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 6 months ago |
Video of the shooting in Kenosha, WI can bee seen on Twitter; ~ Once you have your basic foods and supplies together, you really should secure your position by making sure that you can count on the people that are around you. I am not surrounded by a circle of friends, neighbors, and family. I am counting on and willing to offer support to only a very few people, with similar interest. These people have already been tested and found to be dependable. On the other hand, there are people in my life that I have tested, that I know that I cannot count on. A test could be as simple as asking someone that you trust, to call you once a day for a week or so because you have been feeling more ill in the morning. Or ask them to help you move something physically on a Sunday morning. Watch their body language. Listen to their words. Are they offering you excuses or assistance? You need to know, who's, who, before some shit from the fan, hits you in the face. Anything can happen next. More money printing, more dollar devaluation, credit failure, a stock market collapse, an election postponement followed by merciless political riots, or worse, another business lockdown. So, don't try counting on strangers, count on yourself, your circle, and the God of Moses.

Change is now.
***** This is the global financial reset! *****
Heads-up! The supply chain is broken. NOTHING is coming in from China.
Most of what we import did come from China. Get to the hardware stores!
We are in a bad situation. The timeline has been revealed and it
cannot be altered. Mayan Calendar date 12/21/2012 The end of the world prophecy was misinterpreted. The truth is, 7 years of feasting will be followed by 7 years of famine! On 12/21/2019 we began the 7 years of famine. Keywords for the 2020's Gold, Silver, Cryptos, Food, and Cash Money! ~Prof.
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