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Published 2 years ago |
** G7 Pushes Mass Extermination
- Banned.Video, John Bowne – 14/June/2021
- Video:
-- The start of the G7 was the predictable embarrassment only Joe Biden could deliver. Complete with Biden's trademark creepiness. Moments of raging dementia. Replete with Cringe worthy pandemic theatrics from the finest crop of globalist twits in human history.
And what did the meeting of social engineers accomplish? Biden and his UK partner in crime Boris Johnson have committed to a 15% global minimum tax amid talks of exemptions for China. While G7 countries pledge to donate one billion vaccine doses globally by the end of 2022. Because as the coronavirus continues to disappear. It’s vital that young people are poisoned at a record pace.
** Comments;
• Cults always project and call their opposition the cult. How do you know which IS the True Cult then? Cults Censor to "protect" all ewe sheeple...
• If there were a virus that could be helped (no immunity of course) how the hell is getting a vaccine by late 2022 going to help? How could this thing still be around??? Come on people, how easily duped can a species be? These people hate us, all of us!
• All that is required for global citizens to easily stop the forced and mandatory wearing of COVID 19 Masks and the COVID 19 Vaccines Medical Harms, is the following:
• * List as many of these "Medical Harms" .
• * Then have these "Medical Harms" place on the "Court Records " of people contesting "Mask fines, criminal records and jail time".
• * As a "Law Abiding Citizens" of a country you are required to use "All Means Available to you, to bring attention to Medical Harms, harming your country's citizens.
• * Now once these "Medical Harms" become known to the "Judges and Lawyers", and they don't use all means available to them to stop these "Medical Harms" upon their country's citizens, then these judges and lawyers, will become "Guilty as if they had committed these Medical Harms themselves.
• * If they don't inform their country's President(Commanding Chief), or government department representatives, or medical regulatory boards within their country.
• * Now if you as a citizens know of "Citizens " causing medical harm to the your country's citizens , you are then required to use all means Available to you, which would include " Civil Arrests of the offenders of the Law and the country's Constitution".
• Petitions be handed over during a street march, talley or gathering, are also available means to uphold a Country's Laws and Constitution.
• Media and the internet have many "Medical Professionals" listing the vast amounts of "Medical Harms", and as a "Law Abiding Citizen of your Country" you have a legal responsibility and accountability to use all "Available Means", to uphold the Laws and Constitutional Rights to the "Rights to Health and Life".
• Not even a "President" (Commanding Chief) is "Above" the Law or Constitution of the "Country".
• Anyone hindering or preventing a citizen from using "All Available Means to stop Medical Harms, will be deemed Guilty of Purposefully Obstructing the Law".
• All Persons that purposefully force the Wearing of COVID 19 Masks,
• The globalist can kiss my American a_s
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