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Antifa Thugs Force COVID Dissidents Off Berlin Train for Not Wearing Masks
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Published 8 months ago |
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Opponents of COVID restrictions were forcefully ejected from a train in Berlin by a mob of Antifa thugs, according to reports.

Large demonstrations against medical tyranny erupted across Germany during the weekend as the federal government has imposed a de facto lockdown on the non-injected and is discussing plans to make COVID shots mandatory nationwide.

Following protests in Berlin on Saturday, a small group of dissidents marched into a train station chanting, "Down with the corona dictatorship."

After boarding a local train, they reportedly encouraged passengers to remove their face masks.

Police arrived and began checking COVID certificates, which are now mandatory to ride trains in Germany.

After the inspection, approximately 20 people in masks swarmed the train car shouting, "Antifa mask control!"

It is believed Antifa "hunted down" the dissidents by following them and sharing their GPS coordinates with comrades.

“Their certificates are probably not real. Now we have to do the job of the police," one Antifa told BILD.

The Antifa then began to attack unmasked passengers, ultimately pushing them out onto the platform and reportedly inflicting some "slight" injuries.

At least one Antifa can be seen pouring a beverage onto one of their outraged victims.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who took office this week, announced plans to crack down on online "COVID incitement" along with other measures aimed at crushing opposition to his burgeoning dictatorship.

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