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Doug & Dave Intel (2/23/2022): The War has Begun! How Far Will it Go? World War 3? — Dave Hodges & Ex-DHS Doug "Wrecker" Thornton
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Published 2 years ago
Ex-DHS Doug "Wrecker" Thornton and Dave Hodges, Intel Report for 2/23/2022.

Dave Hodges, February 23, 2022: "The Doug and Dave Intel Report covered, perhaps, what will become its most important broadcast with regard to the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine.

The interview was recorded mere hours after the outbreak of hostilities. It is clear that at the time of this interview, Russia was involved in the traditional taking out of command and control operations.

At minimum, we are witnessing the reconstruction of the former Soviet Union which is Putin's self-declared main goal. However, Putin desperately needs to create buffer zones around its nation in preparation for greater conflicts (eg China). Doug and Dave strongly feel that Biden could have averted the conflict by promising to remove American missiles from Ukraine that were pointed at Moscow and promising to never admit Ukraine into NATO. Biden wants war because his globalist puppet masters wants a world war.

The interview did not limit itself to the early hours of the conflict. We also discussed the potential for the conflict to spread into a World War."

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