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10mm Auto ≠ .41 Magnum. MYTH BUSTED? 10mm vs .41 Mag Ballistics Comparison
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Adiga Armory
Published 2 years ago |
10mm Auto vs [versus] .41 Magnum. Lets find out if there is any truth to the 10mm = .41 Mag statements we hear. First off, we LOVE the 10mm Auto... this is not an attempt to "dis" the cartridge. Its just that we have always been curious where the 10mm equals .41 notion originated, having heard the comparison thrown around for years by all sorts of folks; from average Joe’s on Internet comment sections, to gun shop staff, to the most highly-respected gun writers and industry experts out there.



That said, we have yet to find any data to support the 10mm equals .41 Mag assumption. On the contrary, when comparing the two, they were not even close… unless of course you compared the most powerful 10mm load to the weakest starting loads in .41 Magnum, which is a far cry from a real-world comparison. If we compare the full-house premium or max loads in 10mm and .41 Magnum, the difference seems to become even wider.

We will show you the data, and you can decide for yourself. Either way, we'd love to hear your thoughts.

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