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Flashback: January 2015 Obama's Terror Cells In The USA
Published a year ago

INFOWARS Reporter Joe Biggs identifies just some of those Muslim Terrorists that Obama and his illegal to be in office Administration protected and enabled as of January 2015. 

Not mentioned

are that the Obama Admin employed upwards of more than 200 Muslims throughout the Executive Branch, including the Pentagon, as well as the Legislative Branch (Congress) who collected Intelligence Carte Blanche and blackmailed, and sent their home countries the information while compromising US National Security with Obama's protection.  Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran,  as well as the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and Al Qaeda all benefited by such compromises from WITHIN and benefited back home (with Al Qaeda / ISIS on the battlefront) in monetary and military aid packages. 

The current Biden Admin is comprised of many of those who then in 2015 and now in 2022 protect the enemies of the USA within the USA borders, often encamped near critical infrastructure locations in at least 22 states in 2015, but who knows how many now in 2022? 

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