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Today marks an historic turn back toward the path of truth. It is a small victory in the battle for the soul of our nation, but it is a victory none the less. What I ask of my brothers and sisters is that you watch the reaction from the opposition. How one behaves in victory and how one behaves in defeat is a true test of character. Will the opposition partner with peace or default to aggression? Will they move to build or resign to destroy? Will they respectfully attempt to sell their ideas or will they simply throw a tantrum like spoiled children have done since the dawn of our modern age? You cannot occupy a moral high ground while burning cities to the ground and wishing violence upon your ideological adversaries, but I guess I have a different definition of virtue than the left. Let’s see if the left, being the champions of diversity, inclusion, and equity that they are - let’s see if they hold to their principles or mentally breakdown following this defeat of their world view. I hope for the best, but in preparing for the worst, I expect they will lose their minds and destroy as much as they can to show all of us how right they are and how wrong we are. And if we just let them run the country they’d stop destroying our lives and create a utopia where babies are murdered, children are sold, men are women, women are men, nobody owns anything, God is dead, truth is whatever you want it to be, love is love, and sovereignty is reserved for the upper class.


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