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Dr. Mike Yeadon ex-Pfizer Chief Warns Vaccine Passports for Totalitarian Control & Depopulation
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Published a year ago |
Dr Mike Yeadon is a former Chief Science Officer and VP for respiratory illness treatments for Pfizer..

In this video Dr. Yeadon warns about the potential miss-use of medical tracking 'passports', specifically the proposed ones for COVID-19. The way to create compliance for a system of totalitarian control.

In other videos he has spoken about the misrepresented science behind the vaccine program, how these vaccines are damaging health, and the possibility of a mass-depopulation program.

“In the U.K., it’s abundantly clear that the authorities are bent on a course which will result in administering ‘vaccines’ to as many of the population as they can. This is madness, because even if these agents were legitimate, protection is needed only by those at notably elevated risk of death from the virus. In those people, there might even be an argument that the risks are worth bearing. And there definitely are risks which are what I call ‘mechanistic’: inbuilt in the way they work.

But all the other people, those in good health and younger than 60 years, perhaps a little older, they don’t perish from the virus. In this large group, it’s wholly unethical to administer something novel and for which the potential for unwanted effects after a few months is completely uncharacterized."

Here is a good article for more information on Dr. Mike Yeadon's concerns:

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