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Who Killed Ashli Babbitt?
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Published 9 months ago |
We know that Ashli was shot by a capital hill policeman, but who were the three men who removed that window and lifted her to her fate? And most especially who was the man with the helmet, who was unknown at the time and became known of as "Helmet Boy" on the internet. The FBI says they arrested him about 3 weeks later. Well you make up your mind on that because several others thought they recognized him before the FBI ever had an inkling. I will show you video evidence taken at the time and present two other witnesses that the man in the helmet is Joseph Alcoff a confirmed communist agitator and Antifa organizer. Well known on Capital Hill among key democrat politicians. If this is true then who did the FBI arrest about a month later? You will see that this person may not exist at all and is a fabricated identity "trumped" up to hide the fact that perhaps Alcoff was there with full knowledge of the authorities to do what he does best agitate a protest into a riot. But that Ashli Babbitt being shot was not on the program and brought unwanted light to the man with the helmet. Hence if he's arrested not only will that leave a big hole in the communist agenda's boots on the ground, but he could implicate people in the highest offices.

There is one mistake in this video, the voice on the video and the person taking the video was not Joseph Camp as I first thought and mention in the video. That voice and the origin of the video come from and BLM and Antifa activist by the name of John Sullivan, know on YouTube as Jaden X. This video most of it is his. However Joseph Camp a freelance journalist and Antifa Exposer saw John Sullivan's video, recognized Joseph Alcoff and posted it to his channel with that title long before the FBI ever got a supposed tip from a relative that "Hemet Boy" was really someone named Zachary Alam.

This channel will do a series of videos showing that the man at the capital riots that day was in fact Joseph Alcoff, and it will show in in league with a both the Capital Hill Police and a large organized group of Antifa communist agitators. And from this evidence we must then begin to question as to what conclude authorities knew of it all, and tried to cover it up.
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