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Episode #8
Some will tell others they cannot divulge truth, as we all have to find out for ourselves and should not attempt educating the uninformed and/or self-limiting confused people. I have been personally warned not to teach others as I will be punished in the future for short-circuiting our individual learning curves. This extends even into our afterlife concerning whether or not to take the “Tunnel to the Light!”
This is what I am referring to in this video concerning Jesus being Crucified for having attempted to teach others what he had gained in His own life experiences.
School teachers are to teach what the Department of Education [the Elite] has licensed them to teach, even if it is communism with an exclusion of history and mathematics.
When I pass-on I will have to pay for telling these Truths. If none take these Truths and put them to use, I will get no payback. “Pay-it-forward” is a Timely Cosmic concept too!
Keep in mind: Over the decades the Federal Courts have granted The Corporation equal status to ‘persons.’ However, a corporation has no soul. This is also a two way street regarding anyone identifying as ‘a person,’ or if you prefer, a double edged sword.

Probably 90% of the population knows the mainline media is full of B.S. but are beginning to realize the alternative media doesn’t have the answers to our dilemma either. These alternatives merely continue the drums for civil war, as they too are controlled-licensed by the same Elite.
If an answer was put forth, we could direct our lives towards more peaceful and thus advancing pursuits. This I have covered in these Episodes.
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