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Enki’s Return, Restoring Adamic DNA, Tree of Life & Awakening Giants
Published a year ago

The role of the Anunnaki in creating modern homo sapiens is clearly described in Sumerian cuneiform texts, which outline the principal Anunnaki scientists involved in genetic experiments that spanned millennia. These Anunnaki scientists created two distinct branches of humanity: one was a suitable host for the Anunnaki to incarnate into on Earth and the other branch formed a slave species to be controlled by the former. The chief Anunnaki scientist responsible for the genetic experiments was Prince Ea, aka Enki, who created multiple versions of humanity with the assistance of his sister, Ninhursag. It’s clear from Sumerian records that different-sized humans were created who varied in intelligence and fertility. Some humans were intended to be workers, others were to be soldiers, a select few would be intermediaries with the Anunnaki, and finally, others would become avatars for the Anunnaki to use while staying on Earth. This explains the variation in the size of giants, since Anunnaki society used social status to determine the size of the human avatar an individual would use while on Earth. Different factions within Anunnaki society held opposing views and argued over the future role of these two branches of humanity, including the extent to which human slaves would be allowed to evolve organically into their fullest potential. Enki’s half-brother, Enlil, orchestrated the great flood around 9600 BC. Enlil believed that humanity had advanced far too quickly and become a big problem for the Anunnaki as overlords, so humanity needed to be radically culled. According to historical texts such as the Atrahasis, Enki objected and prevented a select group of humans from being obliterated, thereby saving his genetic experiment. The Atrahasis tells us that Enlil was enraged by his brother’s deed. Consequently, Enki left our solar system taking his core scientific team with him. However, 12 of his trusted colleagues were left behind and went into hibernation to await humanity’s eventual recovery from the flood or Enki’s return. Enki’s departure made it possible for Enlil’s scientists to subsequently manipulate human DNA, and dramatically shorten the human lifespan from a thousand years to under a hundred, as evidenced in Sumer’s Kings List, Egyptian records, and the Bible. According to multiple credible sources, Enki has returned to our solar system and his former Anunnaki scientific colleagues are waking up from their stasis chambers. Is this something to be welcomed? Are there other, more unfriendly giants also awakening who pose a genuine threat to humanity? Whatever happened to Enlil and his minions, are they still manipulating human DNA or have they been made to account for their crimes? Has Enki brought back humanity’s original Adamic DNA blueprint that will reverse the damage done to human DNA by Enlil and his cronies? Finally, how does the legendary Tree of Life fit into this complex mystery? In addition to addressing the above questions, Dr. Michael Salla will also: • Identify the role of different leading Anunnaki figures in creating and manipulating modern homo sapiens. • Discuss recent updates about the return of Enki. • Reveal how the Enlil faction of the Anunnaki will be punished for their crimes. • Cover the awakening of different Anunnaki giants from stasis chambers in Florida and elsewhere. • Examine the possibility that Adamic DNA can be restored to humanity in a way that significantly impacts human health and longevity. • Explain the connection to Mesoamerican myths associated with the return of Quetzacoatl. • Examine the possibility that Adamic DNA can be restored to humanity in a way that significantly impacts human health and longevity. • Offer the latest updates about the existence of a Tree of Life and so much more! This video also includes a ‘Special Panel’ in Part 2 featuring the legendary Alex Collier and a former professional French archeologist, Elena Danaan, discussing the presentation topics in greater depth and sharing their latest intel. The Q&A following the panel is also included in Part 2.

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