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Thomas Renz
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Published 4 months ago

I want to talk about the church, right now we have a situation where the church has completely lost itself. When I say church, I’m talking about the church of Christ, and I’m going to throw in there anyone who follows the God of Abraham, my Jewish and Muslim brothers and sisters. If you are an American and you believe in the judeo-Christian values that our country was promulgated on and you believe in the teachings of the God of Abraham then we are all brothers and sisters in the freedom fight. We certainly have differences in our faith and that’s ok.

If we look at the Christian old testament, there’s a lot of real basic wisdom there. Things that have just been universally true and necessary for society to function for thousands of years. Somehow most of those teachings have been thrown into the category of “culture war.” The culture war is something that no one is willing to touch. Democrats are against any sort of traditional culture, they hate everything the Bible stands for, the republicans however aren’t any better. Jesus was clear that he didn’t want lukewarm, you are either a follower or you’re not. Muhammad and the God of Abraham as well were certainly not looking for lukewarm followers. How did we get to a point where there is no political representation that’s even willing to talk about some of these culture basics that are important to a majority of Americans?

Part of the problem is the people leading our churches, where are our pastors and priests? What is the equivocation, this spineless wuss approach to teaching faith? The shepherds, and their flocks, the church leaders are supposed to be leading people towards God. How can you do that if you are afraid to talk about what God taught? Why is it that I have pastors saying, “oh, I don’t want to talk about the trans issue because it might offend someone.” What is that all about? Where is our courage? Where is our strength? If the man who is teaching the bible doesn’t have the courage to preach what it says, he’s not teaching it is he? If you are going to a church and your pastor/priest isn’t teaching it, ask yourself why you’re there. There are certain truth’s that are universal. Where are the shepherds? Why is it that some layman lawyer is out there pushing this but the church leaders are equivocal? Christianity is not a religion of cowards, the meek that obey God need to understand that sometimes they need to stand up and fight.

I’m surrounded by Godly powerful women who are often speaking about how hard of a time their husbands are having in today’s society. You want to know why? Because for years now men have been told that the most unacceptable thing to be in life is a man. We’ve actually labeled men acting like men as toxicly masculine. Men have been being told for a long time that it’s not ok to be a man. Men need to start being men and start acting like men. It means don’t be afraid to speak and be who you are. Don’t get lazy, don’t drink away your problems, the number of men with problems with alcohol and other drug use has skyrocketed and why? Because we’ve been told to deny our nature. If men were to embrace their nature they’d be out there fighting. Men are the hunters and the warriors for a reason, that stereotype is there for a reason. The wisdom of the ages. I want to encourage people to fight, if you are a wife encourage your husband to be a man, if you are a man start looking for yourself and figure out who you are. Pastors your flock is being eaten by wolves and you are standing there like a coward. It’s time for we the men to man up, be husbands, be fathers, be leaders, we can’t leave it all to our women. It’s time to man up.
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