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Metformin: This AMPK/mTOR Longevity Hack Stinks!
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Published a year ago |
This pharmaceutical is an insulin hack and the most studied diabetes drug, yet remains highly controversial as an anti-aging and longevity tool for biohackers. I have met my match as a researcher, Metformin. I'm not sure if Metformin is a game-changing anti-aging drug or a really problematic big pharma product.

All Science References & Sources

METFORMIN® (Glucophage) IR-XR (RUPharma)

5:25 Scientific Research
6:19 History
Mechanisms of Action
7:38 A Metabolism Hack
8:58 An Insulin Hack
10:35 An AMPK Hack
11:30 An mTOR Hack
14:22 Vs Type 2 Diabetes
16:20 Personal Genotyping
130 Problematic Gene Alleles predicting Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Diabetes & other diseases
17:25 For Body Building
19:20 Experiential
21:42 A Will Power Diet Hack
22:52 Vs Cancer
23:10 Black People Should Take Metformin
24:07 Cofactors
25:23 Usage & Dosage
26:36 Price
27:30 Side Effects
31:00 Metformin Smell
32:35 Risk Grade
34:54 Metformin Alternative: Berberine
36:54 Conclusion

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