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Rebel Music - Hip Hop & Reggae Mix ((432Hz))
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Published 10 months ago |
Moving right along from the last one, we’re still in the heart of the native souls and what they’re fighting for, which ultimately everybody should be fighting and working for- freedom. When these convictions are expressed through rhythm and sound, it’s called rebel music. Apparently rebel music is more reggae oriented than any other genre, so that’s what this series is going to be delving into..

Gathering many tracks that embody this concept, the song count is way too high to even put these tracks into 2 separate mixes so this will be released and we’ll see were it goes from there.

The french these days are surely acting like rebels, which i fully support here near Marseille.. anyone who wants more insight on that, check my created playlists and you'll find one there called "Gilets Jaunes..." there are vids in english and french, so feel free to browse thru some of that..

i really hope this will ignite more demonstrations around the world, with people getting together in mass without the help from any political party and won't be sponsored by any corporation..

the revolution is being televised and blatantly filtered, limited and biased.. in france not as much black-out coverage, as surprising as i am about it, altho they do concentrate much more on the violence and vandalism side of things than they talk about the situation and cancerous systems that have people living in a state of hardship and financial struggles.. the media right now are using false narratives to create whatever doubt and division with the yellow vest movement, which is the classic divide and conquer technique of course..

Ready Now intro/ Only Rastafari - Keepyahjoy
ONE! BlastOFF - Bicasso
Rebel of the Unrderground - 2Pac
The Richest Man in Babylon - Thievory Corporation Ft. Notch
The World's Gone Mad - Handsome Boy Modeling School Ft. Alex Kapranos / Del / Barrington Levy
One Blood Under Wu - Wu Tang Ft. Junior Reed
??? - taken from a DJ Surq mixtape
Rise Up Remix - Azeem
Stand Up For Your Rights Remix - Bob Marley
Welcome to Jamrock - Damian Marley
World A Music - Ini Kamoze
You're The Murdera - Zion i ft. Deuce Eclipse
Rebel Music - Bob Marley & The Wailers
Rebel Music remix - Bob Marley ft. Krazie Bone
Rebel Music remix - Spearhead ft. Stephen Marley
Justice - Belief ft. Vordul Mega And C-Rayz Walz
Wake Up Remix - Azeem
It Was Written remix - Dead Prez
Revolution 5 - Roots Manuva ft. Chralie 2na
The Odad - Stetsasonic
Don Dada - DJ Cam
A Shaker, A Waker - Mayhem Mystics
Rebel Movement - Dangerous ft. YedidYah Ben Sion
Africano Dub - Selassie I Rockers
??? - Anaït
Striving To Be Free - Ranking Miss P & Night Doctor
Macka B / Racquel Jones - Rebel / Inna Di Gideon - 7" - Black Dub

PEACE from La Ciotat
Allez Les Gilets Jaunes!!
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