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Dangers of 5G & WiFi - With Scott Ogrin of Scottie's Tech Info
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Objective: Health
Published a year ago |
(Originally aired May 17, 2019)

On this episode of Objective: Health, Elliot Overton and Doug DiPasquale are joined by Scott Ogrin of Scottie's Tech.Info for a discussion of the health implications of 5G wireless technology.

While wireless technology is progressing at a break-neck pace, with newer, better, faster innovations seemingly appearing every year, little attention is paid in the mainstream as to the possible negative repercussions.

It seems that technological progress is treated as of ultimate importance, with almost no attention paid to the health consequences. While many scientists (backed up by over 28,000 scientific studies) are sounding the alarm on the negative health effects of wireless communication, its infrastructure and devices; they are ignored by the regulatory bodies, industry and governments who continue to push things forward - beholden to the almighty dollar.

With promises of a 5G digital utopia just around the corner, is anyone listening to these very real concerns? Are we on the verge of a health apocalypse? Is 5G really that bad? Can anything be done on an individual level to mitigate the damage?

Join us as we talk to Scott Ogrin of Scottie's Tech.Info, who has done a deep dive on the research and helps us answer some of these questions and more.

Time stamps:

2:15 How did you get into looking into this kind of stuff?

10:00 Discussion on "EMF Portal" (link below)

13:00 On FCC and people's blind trust in them

17:15 Pulsed digital might be cause of problems

19:36 What is the difference between 3G / 4G and 5G?

27:14 Metal adjuvants from vaccines, could they influence our response to WiFi radiation?

40:00 Do 60Ghz radio frequencies cause burns on the skin or have noticeable effects?

48:12 The "Internet of things" is about data collection, and may be a way for them to recover 5G startup costs

51:57 Not just people being affected. Scientists warn about effects on animals, insects and environment.

1:00:02 What do you think the chances are that 1) 5G will go ahead as planned and 2) is there any chance that there will be a strong enough counterargument to prevent it?

1:09:50 Is there a "magic bullet", in terms of protecting ourselves from this stuff?

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Links: (28,000 studies on EMF health effects) (5G Space Appeal petition)

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The information presented on this show is not intended to replace a qualified health care professional and is not intended as medical advice.

The intent is to share knowledge and information we encounter during our research and encourage you to do the same!
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