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Quebac bans unvaxxed from Walmart, big-box-retail stores, closer to 666-mark-of-the-beast-antichrist :(
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Published 8 months ago |
Remember evidence of "nanorouters" and "bluetooth wifi signal" from some vaxxed. To prove it to yourself, go to a crowded area such as a grocery store, turn on your cell phone, enable bluetooth, press search, you should see lots of MAC addresses, sure you can say to me "you are an idiot those are other people's cell-phones being detected" ..... ok then, go to the beach or a lake, perhaps people there are not swimming with their cell-phones, and do the same thing, you will still see lots of MAC-addresses, other people have been uploading this sort of simple test from lakes and swimming pools etc. The scientists at "La Quinta Columna" are verifying the nanotechnology that has been created already via Charles Lieber and DARPA (transistors created so small nanotechnology, and therefore nano-sized circuits, nano-sized microchips). Even mainstream media news reported Charles Lieber convicted by USA Department of Justice for selling intellectual-property to China (nanotechnology). Also look at this .
So if you are vaxxed and you emit a MAC-address over bluetooth, what else does that nanotech-circuit transmit or receive ???
Not only is this more tracking of your physical location, but it can conceivably transmit data about your health-status whatever the nano-tech biosensors can pick up and whatever logic was programmed/designed into the nano-circuit .
To me this is just more evidence of "mark of the beast" 666 as foretold in the bible revelation chapter 13 where no one can buy or sell without it.
Sure maybe the powers-that-be will enforce multiple mechanisms for purchasing food at grocery-stores or COSTCO or SAMS CLUB/WALMART
such as :
(1) biometric-identification : eyeball-iris-scan, finger-print, voice-analysis
(2) embedded-RFID chip
(3) even simple paper-CDC-card-proof-of-vaccination-card needed to be shown to human-clerk
(4) "Luciferase"-enzyme contained in future-boosters which show up as little lights on your skin under UV-light ("black light") ..... perhaps that is why around the nation there are numerous UV-lamp posts showing up around suspect areas where FEMA-camps are or are to be built (this gets into the whole 10 years ago around 2010+ about all the many Walmarts sold to FEMA for conversion to quarantine-camps).
Look i don't know i don't know, but i am getting suspicious more and more everyday and i am getting scared. I should trust Jesus but i do think its possible me and family will not survive whatever is coming as the 5th seal of revelation does say and as the LORD ALMIGHTY did say to all of us (those destined for captivity to captivity you will go, those destined for death to death you will go) ..... whatever the future holds, as Job said "praise the name of the LORD" ..... we are all given the choice like Meshach, Shadrach, and Abednego in Daniel, hopefully each of our choices will be pleasing to the LORD. God bless you.
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