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White Supremacy "Incident Report" (READ Description)
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Tommy True
Published a month ago |
Yes. I continued talking for another 10 minutes as I drove into town to lodge my incident report only to discover the Video Camera on my piece of shit mobile phone (I doubt is smart enough to be tracked which is Why I have it) had Cut Out when it does. Oh well. Anyway, Put iT Together Sheeple !!!

THINK about all this a while and then Dig Deep by Bothering to re-evaluate the Merits of taking the Time and making the Effort to try to Acquire the discriminating Intelligence required to discern Truth from Sophistry. You may then begin to comprehend not only the nature of Zio-Marxism and The Beast System but also exhibit the Courtesy to bother to listen to and possibly even come to appreciate the Final Song on my TOMMY TRUE "AUSTRALIA WIDE" EP that you can listen to FREE on Spotify or Preview & Purchase here:

Yes. There's plenty of ways you can learn more about "The Communist Beast $ystem" in order to try to Survive it or even be quite $uccessful in it. My best advice to Self-Respecting Humans is cut to the chase. Get with "The Program" and READ this book 'cause there's little point to having The Big Guns iF you've got no Ammo. Good Luck & Happy Travels (:

BTW. For anyone who may be interested I may upload a Pic of my Ford Ute which I refer to as "The Thin Grey Line" (and which is also my only vehicle) so keep an eye out in the comments section.

N.B. This Video's Cover is taken from a (1:35:20 hour) video interview Jimmy Dore did with Chris Hedges on 26/04/2020. It was a good interview. I gave the video a Thumbs Up and I wrote the following comment on my shares of the video: "IF Chris Hedges simply changed his words "people of color" to "people of all colors" (i.e. including White) and his label "White Supremacy" to "World Communism" almost everything he says would be true." ... 'cause I'm yet to receive the $5 Trillion but, hey, if I do I may accept he's correct about that too.

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