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Republican Judiciary Committee member Rep. Andy Biggs (Ariz.) predicted Sunday an investigation probing potential abuses Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act will end with indictments. “I anticipate that we’re gonna see some very stark revelations of manipulation of the whole system for political purposes,” Biggs said on Fox News. “When you see that happen, that’s when I think you’re going to see references or referrals for indictments, and I think you’re actually gonna see some indictments.”

Guest Patti Stockman: In April of 2018, a Houston jury convicted former Congressman Steve Stockman of 23 felonies, including fraud, and what prosecutors called "a white-collar crime spree." He was sentenced to 10 years in prison. His wife Patti is my guest today and she is here to set the record straight . Patti Stockman has been married to former Congressman Steve Stockman for 30 years and worked alongside him in all his political campaigns. She is an activist in her own right, and has her own career, having worked for NASA for 35 years this Fall. Since shortly before Steve's trial, she has basically worked two full-time jobs - her paying job, and her diverse efforts on behalf of her husband and his case. The government spent millions of taxpayer dollars and over four years tracking every movement Stockman made going back to the late ‘80’s. They went around the world, flew in witnesses from across the country, and hired a small army of investigators to pick apart his life before they even had an idea of potential charges. All this to gin up charges leading to 283 years in prison for alleged mismanagement of less than a million dollars in donations. By contrast Obama friend Jon Corzine lost $1.2 billion of shareholder money, but was never even charged. .

E-Militia Article: Republican lawmaker makes ominous prediction about IG Horowitz’s FISA abuse report

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