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Could Dean Cain Be the Next Governor of California?
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JD Rucker
Published 2 months ago |
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On yesterday's episode of The JD Rucker Show, I had the pleasure of interviewing actor Dean Cain. As one of the rare conservatives in Tinseltown, it was refreshing to hear him hammer away at woke culture, socialist principles, and many of the policies that are destroying this country today.

He focused heavily on fatherhood and the deteriorating economy. For transparency, one of the reasons I brought him on the show was to discuss his new relationship with one of our sponsors, Genesis Gold Group — — which is why the economy was such a prominent part of our discussion. But throughout the interview all I could think is that he sounds like someone who should be representing the people in political office, So, I asked him about this future.

At first, he focused on continuing to do what he's currently doing with an emphasis on directing. In his discussion there was a pause, which I took as a sign to move on. But before I could end the segment of the show, he jumped back in and surprised me with the hope that maybe he IS considering running for office, including Governor of California.

"Now, as far as political aspirations, politics... you know, you think Hollywood's ugly. Woah... politics are horribly ugly," he said. "There's a possibility that I get involved, but only because I want to serve. I don't want to do this, become Nancy Pelosi and sit in office and enrich myself for 97 years. I think that's disgusting."

Okay, so that sounded like a definite "maybe." He continued, and the more he spoke the more it sounded like he'd consider the possibility.

"I do believe there should be term limits," he said. "I believe we should come into office, do something, and get out. But people get so enamored with the money and the power — and there is money. There is so much money around it because everyone wants to peddle influence, and that's what it is, and that's why people stay in there for so long."

Political statements like that are indicative of someone who, at the very least, has thought about it. I didn't have to press. He continued.

"I would go in to serve and get out," he said. "The idea of being Governor and California... boy if I could do it for four years and change things, like, you know, catch some of this rainwater that's pouring down in California right now, where 93% of it runs right back in the ocean because we're trying to save seven delta smelt... I mean stuff like that just blows my brain."

He is correct. The insane "woke" policies in California have done so much harm to both the economy and the sustainability of the state as well as the general welfare of the people, it's amazing Democrats have maintained such a stranglehold. But that can change. People are waking up. Many are leaving, more so than from any other state. And as they leave, the math becomes fuzzier for Democrats. Could a Republican like Dean Cain win in the state? The last so-called Republican to win was an actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Could Superman do what the Terminator did before?

"All I want to do is make things better for citizens here in California and in the United States," he concluded.

With all the many positive things Dean Cain is doing for America, could his next step be to run for Governor of California? Only time will tell, but I, for one, am hoping he does.

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