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Vaccine Side Effects: The word "rare" is NOT a risk factor
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Published 6 months ago |
Pharma slogans like "rare" are NOT "scientific" terms, and they are entirely unsubstantiated. Risk Factors are expressed NUMERICALLY, not with adjectives. Once a JURY sees the actual numbers, they can decide what sort of adjectives to describe them with, like "shocking" or "criminal". It is ONLY by studying the health statistics of true "controls" that we can determine what the health risks are for remaining unvaccinated. So far, our study is showing that less than 1% of entirely unvaccinated have ANY health problems AT ALL. Our National disease rates for our 99% vaccinated American population shows us what their health looks like, so we don't need to study them. We are able to compare the numbers from the entirely unvaccinated population, (about 3 million in the USA) to the national disease stats, and this exposes what the TRUE risks of vaccination are, with NUMBERS rather than mere slogans.

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