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The disaster in Meron video is horrific 45 Dead,30April2021-האסון במירון וידאו מחריד
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Posted 30April2021ברסלב 'נצח נצחים' : Video from Yaakov סרטון וידאו מ-יעקב
Meron, Israel on the night of the 33 Day of the counting of the Omer (29-30 April 2021) celebrating the anniversary of the passing of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai ("Rashbi"), Who was a leading disciple of Rabbi Akiva and one of the most important tana'im whose teachings of Torah law are collected in the Mishnah. He was also the first to publicly teach the mystical dimension of the Torah known as the "Kabbalah",
45 people were crushed to death against ‘new fences’ that the Israeli Police erected in Meron, that weren’t there in previous years. Meron usually gets half a million visitors, and this year there were 100,000 on Lag B Omer. “More than one person recounted that they saw police block off one end of the passageway to prevent further crowding.
Some of the pilgrims blamed the police for locking the gatherers in closed off areas, and essentially creating the crowd that then led to the stampede.
“A policeman saw the crowd but instead of opening an escape path for people, he threatened them with pepper spray,” Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem Yossi Daitch who was at the scene told the Behadrei Hadarim website. The fatal result was that the people inside the passageway were crushed to death….
Multiple eye-witness accounts have attested that police blocked off this exit, despite the increasingly desperate pleas of those crushed within the closed-off area to remove the barrier. Police have denied that the exit was blocked, but security camera footage contradicts their denials, the evidence against them will be damning indeed.

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