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PETA's Preposterous Preaching
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Published 4 months ago

The group calling itself the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, has problems with what it calls "speciesism" and the Bible. In an attempt to reduce biblical influence, it claims that it used ChatGPT in order to rewrite the first book of the Bible, Genesis. Is PETA's version of Genesis consistent with scripture? Does PETA have trouble identifying the days of the week? Did PETA leave out statements about God giving humans dominion? Does the Bible show God used animal skins for a covering for Adam and Eve or plant-based clothes? What did PETA do to the account of Cain and Abel? Does the PETA version of Genesis push a false vegan gospel from God's people? In this interview, Dr. Thiel quotes several passages from PETA's version of the Book of Genesis as well as points out what the Bible teaches in Genesis as well as scriptures that provide for the truly ethical treatment of animals. Dr. Thiel also mentions some of God's purpose for humans that animals cannot have. Steve Dupuie and Dr. Thiel go over these topics.

Here is a link to a related article titled 'PETA’s Preposterous Preaching'; URL:


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