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Behind The Scenes: Secret Club Of Strong Wise Healthy People: TRIBE UP!
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Published 13 days ago

I’m watching this “alleged” video about CIA discovering longevity secrets of 120+ year-olds and their families’ diet and indominable immune system. Agent goes on to recreate probiotic nutrition supplements and special slow-dissolve capsules, and -OMG- It’s available in a few forms via my membership to The Secret Club Of Strong Wise Healthy People! Slow-dissolve capsules and all. The clods that shop globalist retail- IRL or online- might accidentally F their nervous system and maybe their local community by buying cordyceps LOL suckers! That’s how we separate the Healthy/Strong/Wise from the Health Nut/ Trend Chasing Cry Babies- Give THEM the choice. After all, it's a free-will universe. This is how WE do:  Superior Products, Domestic Ingredients, No Globalist Corp’s, No Goyslop, No Laboratory Chemicals, No Magic Potions. Looks like there’s no Rx BS pharma or antibiotics in their direct-from-farm beef, either. Come internet shopping with me! I’ll show you… as much as I’m allowed to, per the boundaries of the Club membership. TRIBE UP! Join the club. DM direct message me with your link of choice at Telegram is pref

Looking at health secrets of 160+ year-olds and their diet and culture. Afghanistani’s ate apricot seeds, used them as currency, liked horses, and lived 2X modern lifespan.

Moringa? Chaga? Peach seeds? Lion’s mane? Echinacea? Daaang, you just got #Greenpilled! Naturopathy #Healing #Herbs #Detox Get the IMMUNE #Greenpilled herbal tea coffee cup

This is a #Livestream on May 15th, 2024. #DragonYear. We’ll take a look at how, IMO, the Black Dragon has been manifesting wolfsalgels , and some interesting news stories and more. Ask a Q, Get an A in the chat on Rumble during the #Livestream, since Telegram is one too many internet things for my computer to handle during a #Livestream.


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