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David Gallup: World Citizenship: Passports and Principles - December 20, 2016
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Galactic Connection
Published 3 years ago |
David Gallup, a human rights lawyer, President of World Services Authority, gives us a riveting, whirlwind tour of the principles of world citizenship, world government, and human rights, and explains the WSA's own issuance of the World Passport on behalf of the World Government for World Citizens. This passport is not intended immediately to replace national citizenship, but to further global political consciousness and to serve those who have had their national citizenship and human rights stripped away from them. The World Passport has been recognized -- at least once -- in hundreds of countries around the world. However, procuring one, David clarifies, is not a passport to an easy visa or entry stamp, rather it is a door to activism on behalf of our earthly citizenship and universal human rights.

Since our impending destiny is global, this is a timely and crucial discussion. David's explanations of the WSA's many legal and organizational efforts broach the most important topics for our next stage of participation in global and galactic communities. His explanation of the principles of human rights is profound. It is not the documents and declarations per se that are the foundations of our rights and responsibilities, but our very existence, our body, soul, and conscious spirit. However, until this is universally recognized on our mother Earth, and in order to help ensure our rights, World Citizenship points the way past the nation-state paradigm, which presently serves only vested, corporate interests.

The WSA is pushing forward in a dozen directions, some of which David elaborates in this interview, while others are described on the website. The WSA has been actively addressing the problems of refugees and stateless people since its origins. It has offered passports and legal help to individuals who walk into the WSA's Washington, DC office, as well as to entire refugee camps in Africa. The WSA also issues World Birth Certificates to refugees and others who have been expatriated, when begrudging host countries will not grant these critical documents.

David's fascinating, troublesome, story of the WSA's involvement with Ogoni refugees removed from their homelands in Nigeria by the government and encamped in Benin, illustrates the complexities of the processes underway. This includes the resistance of the entrenched nation-state, but also that of our present global culture, traumatized by scarcity or the threat of scarcity, completely manufactured by the elites.

David also tells memorable tales about the WSA's colorful, charismatic, activist founder Garry Davis. David was at Garry's side for 23 years, and with Garry's passing in 2013, David took over. Garry Davis founded the WSA following World War 2 that had claimed his brother's life. His uncompromising public displays began with renouncing his US passport in Paris, but helped disseminate the idea of world citizenship and may have played an important role in the passage of the UN's Declaration of Human Rights.

The conversation covers the most practical, immediate, and life-saving of WSA efforts, as well as the most subtle and important points of principle. In order to steer clear of the NWO's globalism and towards our own proper Earthly Paradise, listeners are urged to ponder the crucially important and far-reaching ideas presented in this extraordinary interview.

The WSA's dense and informative website is:

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