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18-year-old woman killed by Pfizer VAXX induced cardiac arrest
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The Prisoner
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Look at this sweet baby! One of my favorite pics of our girl. đŸ’” I still wake up every morning & for a split sec think it was a dream. But it's not. I miss u! #Pfizer killed our baby girl! They must be held accountable! #JusticeForTrista #StopTheShots #NoAmnestyForCovidTyranny"

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Pfizer Covid Shot, batch fn2908, took Trista's life on November 9, 2022. Our beautiful 18-year-old daughter died suddenly and, at the time, we didn't know why. She was happy and vibrant the day before, with no known health conditions and she was fit and active. Around 8 am that morning, she awoke complaining that she was having trouble breathing & her whole body was hurting. She decided to lie back down to try and feel better. Her friend checked on her a few minutes later and she would not wake up. Her friend called me (her mother) to come help. I was close and arrived within minutes. I found she wasn't breathing. I started CPR and called 911. No mother should ever go through this.

The doctors couldn't figure out what was happening to her. She had a swollen heart, her blood glucose level was over 600 (she was not diabetic) and she had multiple system organ failures. She tested Negative for Covid in the ER and her toxicology came back clean. The doctors gave her a 1% chance of survival. It was about this time we learned that Trista had decided to get the Covid shot. One of Trista's best friends told us. Trista had asked her not to tell us (her parents). Trista knew we were resistant to getting this shot and had discussed this with her several times. But she wanted to go to concerts and other venues and travel without worrying about proving she was Covid Negative. She believed the "Safe and Effective" narrative that is now killing our young people Trista officially passed at 5:05 pm.

We didn't immediately associate the Pfizer shot with our daughter's death. It took a bit to collect additional information and study available data. After she passed we began researching, Pfizer trial research, and first-hand accounts of others who'd experienced similar events with loved ones. Like so many others, we've discovered grotesque fraud and evil reaching the highest levels of government and multi-billion dollar corporations that are WELL AWARE this shot is killing young people and they don't care.

Trista was supposed to start college in the Spring. She wanted to be a social worker and a child psychologist. She wanted to adopt a teenager because "no one else adopts teenagers". She wanted to be a mom. She wanted to be a foster mom. All she wanted to do was help others. She was a beautiful person, inside and out. All she wanted to do was good.

We will never get to see her do any of these things. We will never see her graduate college. We will never get to see her get married. We will never hold her children. We will never get to see the amazing woman we know she would have become.

First, we need help to give her the memorial she deserves. A place for everyone who loved her to come and sit and visit her memory. We are currently under contract with Floral Haven Cemetery in Broken Arrow, OK for a small plot and Pink granite birdbath, inscribed with her name and picture, that will hold her ashes as her eternal resting place. They are allowing us to make payments, but they will not begin making the memorial until the remaining balance is paid in full.

Secondly, we need to find answers. We NEED the truth to be available for everyone to save lives and prevent families from going through what we are currently experiencing. We HAVE to expose the misinformation, the fraud, and the lies and stop the malicious censorship by media, big tech, and the government. We need help to finance travel costs to speak and participate, in person, at events, marches, and coordinated events. We want those responsible for countless injuries and our daughter's murder to be held accountable. We need help. We can't accomplish this without your help.

We are devastated. We are heartbroken. We are our daughter's only voice now. We will fight for her until our last breaths. Please help us fight for the truth.

If we can save others from losing a child or other loved one, we can feel like we are doing right by Trista. We will always keep fighting. We will not be silent. Thank you for helping and for reading the end-of-life story of our precious daughter, Trista Deané Martin.

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