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Biblical Solution
Published 3 months ago |

What do James Corbett and Whitney Webb have in common?  Well, many things actually, but this video focuses on the way we really are losing the net (and fast) and need to get better at saving and sharing hard copies of all of our more crucial truth and evidences today, where I've been saying the same thing myself for well over twenty years now, so its just comforting to have other voices finally agreeing with me in recent years, and to hear today's testimonies should strengthen all of your confidence levels in that regard as well, where perhaps its time to go like gangbusters and really wake the rest of the unaware up now, eh?

Now, as a caveaut here, and before I send you folks to today's links, please be advised and know that ...
1).  Neither Corbett nor Webb are Bible believers, although they have both proven to be excellent fact researchers on current event topics, so obviously I dont agree with most of their philosophies, and I only stand on their "sea of glass" of general truth, doing so with caution for you folks, myself adding the "fire" of YHWH's solution as I always do per Revelation 15:2.  
2).  I do NOT trust the interviewer of Webb (Glenn beck) and feel that something is greatly worrysome in seeing the two of them even merely conversing, let alone being strangely on the same page together now after all he has done to ridicule and discredit the side of truth all these years. Something deviously nefarious may be behind this interview with Beck/Webb, where I can assemble several speculative possibilities as to this interview's intended purpose, but without actual verifications, I will keep them to myself.  But I just don't trust the man at all, as I am sure that many of you feel the same.

James Corbett link:

Whitney Webb interview link:

For those who may want to dive further into the in depth research behind these two researchers, one might try this video where
James corbett interviews Whitney Webb (discussing her new book about the epstein connections):

Blessings, and please always share this video as the key to unlocking the real hope for our rescue from this madness, "As Constitutions Collapse":
BitChute copy:
Brighteon copy:

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