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Pickup Artists, Seduction and The National Anthem
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Stefan Molyneux
Published Tuesday |
0:00 - What do you think of Pick Up Artists and the Seduction community?

4:05 - I have just left school and I am soon to get a job. I have so many ideas for how I would like to spend my life but I can see them all ending in me getting horrifically entangled with the rat race, working hard for little money and then losing most of it to taxes and the most basic living costs. Do you have any advice on how to escape this?

7:48 - You mentioned recently the development of empathy being more related to paternal involvement. Do you think that is because the mother is so much more physically related to the child? The child grows in the womb for nine months, then breast feeds, so its almost like they would naturally assume that the mother understands them. The father would be the first person outside that paradigm that would understand the child, thus that might be why they develop empathy more from the father than the mother. What do you think?

10:38 - This may be a silly question, but if a person homestead's a piece of land,
and over time makes it productive, it becomes his property. By the same logic, wouldn't a child, that is born from the bodies of its parents, and then raised for many years, become the property of its parents? I understand we don't want to live as slaves, and morality dictates we be legally free after a while. But I was wondering if there wasa universal principle behind how private property was distinguished?

13:23 - I went to an event where I wasn't expecting them to play the national anthem so I was thrown off guard. Would you stand up and how would you explain that to your kid.

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