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Are you preparing for the prolonged period of Chaos and the Lawless times ahead?! If not, why not?!
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Professor Curtis, O.G.
Published 5 months ago |
Are you prepared to be injected, with God only knows what, for the good of the society, side-effects be damned?! By the time the Stimulus checks arrive, they will be useless. Multi-millionaires couldn't agree on how few pennies to give to the serfs. I have good neighbors, that is a fellow O.G., he just told me that, he's had enough. He is moving to Atlanta, and after that, maybe to Mexico. He sees the handwriting on the walls of America, and he's outta here! That is literally what he said. But, my question to you is this; What do you see? Are you preparing yourself and your family for planned chaos and a prolonged greater depression? Here is what is promised to us;
Domestic terrorism, looting, store closures, no deliveries, internet censorship and or internet outages, road rage, home invasions, are you prepared for a world without cops? We not only need to prepare for some shit, we need to prepare for some serious diarrhea! Folks are broke. Soon, they will get desperate. Evictions are coming. Folks are going off on strangers. How do you protect yourself from being drug out of your car at an intersection? Are you prepared to injure or kill someone else, to save your own life or the life of another person? Now, is a great time to consider what tomorrow will bring. The next several months to a year could be the most stressful times in the last 160 years of this country. And, what's going to happen when people begin to resist injections for the cootie virus? The riots of 2020 could be seriously dwarfed by angry people that refuse to be injected for health and religious reasons. REALLY?! Yes! Are you prepared to be injected, with God only knows what, for the good of the society, side effects be damned!? The same will be applied to your children and spouse. They say now that the injections will not be mandatory, but we'll see how that turns out. Get ready now for everything from food shortages, to power-outages, continuous riots, and most of all; get ready for more counterfeit George Floyd $20.00 bills to hit the streets of America. Don't wait until you have to fight and kill for food and basics, stack-up now! Please comment and share. ~ Prof.
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