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P.1 John Flint implies Covid-unvaccinated dying at 5 times the rate of the vaccinated in Western Australia MVI_0120,0074-5,7-8merged
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Published 3 months ago |

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Disclaimer: I am not giving medical advice, I am not medically qualified; do your own research, own your own actions whether by omission or commission.

John Flint, senior Walkley Award-winning journalist, pushes, by implication, the need to be Covid-19 vaccinated, in a short article on page 11 of the Sunday Times February 26th 2023 edition. His article is high on information and low on facts, and he does his profession of journalism no credit, with yet another listing of officialdom’s sanitised propaganda, designed to instill a sense of necessity to be Covid-19 injected, regularly. Learn what a genuine journalist would write, John Flint.

Note: I am expressing my opinions, and my assessments may be invalid, especially when I question the motives of John Flint, Greg Hunt, Mark Butler, Mark McGowan, and others, including organisations, such as Seven West Media.

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