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End Times: Lucifer Decoded Part 6- Exposing the "Queen of Heaven" Mystery Babylon (Revised)
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Published a year ago |
all footage used falls under fair-use and current copyright laws, for educational, reporting, or documentary purposes.
Disclaimer: The purpose of this video is to Educate, spread awareness and the truth. There is much more information in the linked channels below. So think of this video as an "Introduction" to the topic, and as a way to get my fellow brothers and sisters more exposure since their work is extremely important.
The Surface was barely scratched with regards to this topic. The more you search the more you will find that this topic is in fact vast. Symbolism's are everywhere once you see through the deceit. Feel free to download this video and mirror it elsewhere.It is non commercial use and for educational purposes, commenting and reporting mostly.

Documentary brought to light by various Researchers linked Below:
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Music by ODD Reality

Edited and pieced together by Truthseeker777

Alice Expose's by:
Round Saturn's Eye

911 Predictive programing by:
Lilith Owl Clip by Devon:

Daylight Riders Babylon Watch
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Link 2

Epic Vocal Music CHOSEN by Generdyn (feat. Svrcina)
ChildrenOfItsRealOutHere Yahi
Paul Joseph Watson

Trinity Apologetics
Clips used (Out of fair use)

Night Club "Show it to me"
TruthShock T.V

Documentary: Satan, the Illuminati, The beast, the New Age & the False Prophets

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