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 Dec 1, 2022
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🗣 The economy is officially set to go from bad to worse after record levels of money printing to stimulate the economy and build all these bubbles. Central banks now continue to raise rates to slow the economy. A hyper inflationary depression is now a real risk. The S&P is down 70%. Top crypto assets are down over 70%. And Wall Street insider Michael Burry says this is the time for gold. After predicting the stock index still has another 52% to lose all this while the housing bubble has a needle inching closer and closer. And if you're relying on commercial real estate for retirement, there's going to be some major problems for you to face. We are entering into a critical time in global history that won't be repeated for at least a hundred years more. And while this all may look very dire and depressing on the outside, it also contains a once in a lifetime opportunity that can and will set you and your family up for generational wealth. If you play your cards right. So while you do want to understand why all these bubbles are popping, you also want to understand the proven strategies you can use to win in light of a complete meltdown. 📖 Chapters: 0:00 Economy in Deep Trouble

1:30 Real Estate Cycle

5:46 China Plans Property Rescue

10:09 Residential & Commercial Housing

15:31 US Citizens Unable to Afford Average Home Prices

17:45 Rise of Gold Valuation in Germany 22:38 Set Up Your Strategy!

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