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“Vaccine” Alert
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Deception is Not True Consent
Published 22 days ago |
This is the truth about the “vaccine” the New World Order wants to impose on us all. It also explains what these “vaccines” contain and explains the workings of the nano-technology –This video appears to be indisputable compared to all other evidence regarding this greatest hoax and crime against humanity that’s previously been given on the internet – it may appear it is moving into an overkill of evidence like 9-11 but the fact is, the whole concept of the Coronavirus named COVID-19 is a crime against creation and the laws of creation at 3rd dimension. Now that is an indisputable fact that cannot be concealed or undone – this video is there for you to discern but don’t overlook the violations to creation itself that’s unfolding on earth.

This is the first time ever we have all Intelligence agencies, Governments, Military, Companies, Organisations, Media, Churches, Religion standing as ONE against creation with their Coronavirus hoax named COVID-19 to change Human DNA with the Gene Code Injection to destroy humanity and what’s left connect to Artificial Intelligence and computers violating my Invoking after I withdrew from them and their EVIL GAME when I was a Navy Clearance Diver involved in several clandestine acts that has all accountable for violating word and violating the Authority of “The God’s Document” I refer to as signed law and it’s due to this Authority THEY are FORCED to do reports on me (even regarding this video platform) because Earth is not their Planet as all will soon see.

NOW everyone, all the above will not go unchecked nor will it be allowed to continue violating Law of creation and laws of creation at 3rd dimension and violating word for their EVIL GAME they were DEFEATED IN when I withdrew in 1970 to have all accountable for violating the Authority of “The God’s Document” I refer to as signed law and it has been brought to this point to have the whole World accountable as my website shows Corona fraud and hoax vaccine is judging all on Earth.

And, the website states You’re all on this planet to expose evil and Destroy Evil, not to become part of the false creation’s Evil Plan like Mr Putin - and, to remind everyone it make no difference if you don’t support me or don’t support this platform because all the videos on this platform are all my videos of evidence with my website that has the world and all accountable to the ultimate authority.

wake up people before the hammer comes down to end this evil once and for all and for all the people not OF the EVIL AGENDA on Earth can still save themselves by standing within true human consciousness at 3rd dimension to get back into flow of Creation.

share this video for all to see that creation and its laws are being violated on this planet.

And, for more Videos regarding the greatest hoax and crimes against humanity: at

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