Pfizer & Moderna are financially & criminally liable for deceiving the public, says David Martin PhD
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David Martin, PhD with Maria Zee on the "Vigilant News Network" on 16 June 2024. “Starts to give us the cracks that 
we need to pierce the liability shields against vaccine manufacturers and against the individuals — employers, pharmacists, doctors, nurses, hospitals — that actually injected people." "The Ninth Circuit technically has now remanded the case back to the lower courts saying that the Los Angeles Unified School District teachers can… bring lawsuits with respect the vaccine mandate." "The opinion makes it unambiguous that the Ninth Circuit has determined that Jacobson is misapplied in this particular instance." 
"And that is a watershed moment because now what we can do is we can now bring legitimate statements that say that the manufacturers willfully misled the public by mislabeling these things and calling them a vaccine." "That's a violation of the 
Federal Trade Commission Acts in the United States." "And it's a violation of the Deceptive Medical Practices Acts that are largely in every civilized country. "[The Covid vaccine] 
did not stop infection, did not stop transmission." “And, as such, the public was willfully misled, which is a crime." "And under the criminal statute... all the liability shields fall away." "Pfizer and Moderna are both financially and criminally liable 
for deceiving the public."

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