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Ep143: "Im finna get some of that white privilege"
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Gregoryous Show
Published a year ago |
Why don't black people "identify" as white if we have all this privilege?
How to culturally appropriate slavery.

Im finna get some of that white privilege.
And yes, finna is now a dictionary word, even OXFORD recognizes it…

Notice MLB is reverse of BLM? Leave it to Georgia to fuck up soda, sports and elections

If white privilege is a real thing. Why aren't more black people identifying as white?
White person shawn king. Rachel dolozar, small fish in big pond.

Want to be big fish in small pond. So they change ponds. And take the leadership positions of the movement from actual black people. Isn't that cultural appropriation.

Who cares about white people selling tacos, (insert headline image)
White people wearing dreads or (insert headline image)
White people doing yoga (insert headline image)

What about actual white people this is white people culturally appropriating skin color, victimhood, slavery roots, and everything else! Is Dolozal or King going to be eligible for reparations? Are they going to get black only money for UBI like in Oakland (insert headline image)
Or black owned farm money ((insert headline image)

They are a living blackface!
Culturally appropriating black empowerment and supremacy movement leadership positions because they weren’t good enough at their white revolution they had to switch sides.

It just like the men who claim to be women to compete in sports. I doubt its gender dysphoria 99% of the time. It’s that they were mediocre at their sport, and felt mediocre in life. So they switch teams and culturally appropriate women’s sports.
Why aren’t BLACK WOMEN super pissed about this!?

So if there is all this WHITE PRIVILAGE, why aren’t all black people claiming to be white? The only one I know who is fully committed was Michael Jackson and that was before the new trend of culturally appropriating victimhood.

If white privilege was a real thing, then wouldn’t every black person be denouncing their black heritage to identify as a white aristocrat plantation owner? That’s all the media pretends white people are.
As though there are not any poor white people who were born in bad circumstances, with fatherless homes, or drug addiction and abuse. And they don’t have affirmative action!

Our culture has unhealthily put black people on a pedestal and that is why the Shawn Kings and Rachel Dolozars and the WHITE FRAGILITY Author Robin DeAngelo are race baiting. Because it’s profitable and can feed their oversized and under nourished egos.

Our culture needs to get back to getting their own lives and mental issues and familial issues in order before they go casting the first stone or telling everyone else how to live life.
“those who can’t do, teach”
That’s how you end up with a society with all inexperienced teachers telling everyone else how to.
Like we need another How To from

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