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NWO is using aerosol COVID19 snail & 20 snake venoms in air & water & food & vaccines to kill humans
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*** Intelligence news update from the Human Homo-Sapiens Race Survival Resistance (HRSR) headquarters and Republic Rebel Alliance battlefront (May 2022). I found this video on Steven BenNun’s site. It talks about how Satan Lucifer and his ascended master fallen angel devils and their Illuminati NWO reptilian hybrid pedophile cannibal Satanist New Age Wicca witch genocidal psychopathic globalist elites are putting 20 different snake species’ venom and one of the most toxic ocean snail venom into their COVID19 Coronavirus AI “black goo” femtobot nanite 5G remote assassination t-Veronica zombie virus biochemical weapon human extermination Borg vaccine. The CIA has been using the most deadly sea snail toxin in ice bullets to shoot masses of humans, in order to cause heart attacks. They have found this snail’s deadly toxin and venom from 20 different types of snake in the feces and blood and urine of the COVID19 fake pandemic vaccinated people. The question everyone is asking is how did it get there? Satan Lucifer’s Saturn Draco reptilian chimera aliens’ Ceres planet Nazi 4th Reich CIA Blackwater globalist elites have been making this 20 species’ snake venom and snail toxins into aerosols, and dumping tons of it into the air that we breath and the water supplies of the people and the supermarket food and COVID19 Coronavirus vaccines. They are trying to kill 99% of the population, including their own people and Satanists and people they no longer need, and who they see as just “useless eater” NWO people.

After I shared that I have been hearing very few ambulance sirens recently so our guardian allies have probably replaced the poison vaccine with saline vitamin shots, I have started to hear ambulance sirens all day today, so they may have restored the poison vaccines again after reading our real Christians’ daily sermon. I was at the ministry location most of the day, but while I was at home, I heard the ambulance four times today. They probably returned the snake venom and snail venom and spider venom back into the vaccines. They are desperate to exterminate all the humans and humanoid species and allies and rival factions and other species from the universe, so earth has to be eradicated first, because it is the defense for all the universe. Once we are gone, then they can go throughout the universe and eradicate anyone and everyone they like. I think they came again to try to kill me, because I heard our holy angel brothers fighting them in my room. I told you they are funny creatures, who actually believe that they can defeat God and kill his children and claim victory over God. They and their god Satan Lucifer are delirious and most imaginative. They have been attacking with deep sleepiness attacks and genital pain attacks and left shoulder blade cramp attacks while I write this daily sermon. Dr. Deagle a former insider exposes how the Illuminati reptilian hybrid elites witches are using technology that connects with the humans’ DNA to manipulate their thoughts to sabotage jobs and work and marriage and health and sinless lifestyles and uprightness and peace and joy and relationships and society. They are the devil’s servants. End of transmission…

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